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Researchers working at archeology site in the Arctic.

We are excited to announce a new feature on our website, Projects! Projects are a collection of PolarTREC expeditions that are related and/or share the same research project. PolarTREC Projects content and related resources is a great way build and develop STEM curriculum in classrooms and communities. Projects allow users to learn more about the science and see all the teachers and researchers involved in the research project. View any project page to access the related project resources such as lessons, articles, presentations, and more!

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Dominque on FB

Look who is getting READY FOR ANTARCTICA! Follow Dominique Richardson on PolarTREC. Her expedition can be followed on PolarTREC as well as on FaceBook here and @EastAntarctica on Twitter!

Polar Presentations at NSTA 2015

Polar Presentations at NSTA

Join PolarTREC teachers, partners, and colleagues for great polar presentations at the National Science Teachers Association meeting March 12–15, 2015 in Chicago. We have compiled a listing of polar-related activities, events, and presentations as well as presentations by PolarTREC participants in other disciplines. PolarTREC teacher's names are linked to their expedition so you can catch up on their experiences.

PolarTREC at the South Pole

Armando Caussade

Armando Caussade joined up with the IceCube team at South Pole Station, Antarctica to study neutrinos. He is back in Puerto Rico but he continues to journal in both English and Spanish! Be sure to continue following his amazing journey. Para ver el texto en español, ingrese primero en un diario y luego haga clic en el botón tabulador que lee "Translations".

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The Results Are In... Thank you so much to everyone who entered. We had a lot of great submissions...

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HI Yamini and Team members. Haven't heard from you all in the entire month of February so just hoping to hear back soon a report on how you are doing and your current activities. T
Would like to read about your experiences in Antartica
¡Gracias, Marilya! Para charlas públicas en Puerto Rico debe consultar la prensa. También estoy disponible para ofrecer charlas particulares, libre de costo, en cualquier lugar de la isla. Para...

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19 February 2015
The report is written by teacher participants upon return from their field expedition portion of the PolarTREC program. It summarizes the benefit of the expedition to the teacher, a description of activities, and a summary of how teachers plan to link this experience in classrooms and communities....