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Educational Booklet Released

Arctic Matters Cover

The National Research Council's Polar Research Board announces the release of a new educational booklet entitled 'Arctic Matters: The Global Connection to Changes in the Arctic.'

The publication introduces the threats and opportunities of the Arctic's rapidly changing environment and explains why the Arctic matters. It draws on a large collection of peer-reviewed National Research Council reports and other national and international reports to provide a brief, reader-friendly primer on the complex ways in which the changes currently affecting the Arctic and its diverse people, resources, and environment can, in turn, affect the entire globe.

PolarTREC to East Antarctica

Dominique in ECW Gear

Educator Dominique Richardson is on-board the icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer. The expedition is traveling along the East Antarctic Ice Sheet studying ice streams and their relationship to the thinning of ice sheets. Her journals and photos have been amazing!

Evaluation Report Available

2007-2009 Evaluation

This final report presents the findings from the summative evaluation of the PolarTREC program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Award #0632401) from 2007 to 2009.

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Back of the ship
We’ve left the ice and have deployed our last Argo floats. We’re well on our way back to the dock....

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Hi Jacob! There are all kinds of people who work out here. It is very inspiring to see the variety of paths they've taken to get here. Be sure to check out more of the team in the "Part 2!...
a very inspiring post, thanks for sharing, dominique!
Hi Annie! Sorry you missed the webinar, but we'll put a recording of it up online soon! Glad you enjoyed the bird photos!

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