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We have passed the midpoint of the expedition, and I am feeling as excited each day as the day I...

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Thank you Susan - Yes our team did all 14 cores spread over a day and a half. It was a lot of work, but super fun. Thank you for following our expedition.
Those photos are so clear, and the colors are so bright! Are these new species or previously identified ones? Is your team discovering new species?
Are people still fighting for land and hunting rights in the area? Sad, and still seems so relevant now. With melting and receding sea ice the Arctic Ocean is opening up for many new 'resource...

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Students will explore the concept of albedo and how it relates to melting ice and climate change. This is a hands-on activity where students measure the reflectivity of various surfaces as a model for how light interacts with different parts of the Earth’s surface. This is adapted from lessons...