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Alex Eilers with a Weddell Seal

Alex Eilers is back with her team studying Weddell Seals. She has great journals and photos! Be sure to ask her lots of questions.

New PolarTREC Teacher in the News

New PolarTREC teacher Dieuwertje 'DJ' Kast is the STEM program manager for the USC Joint Educational Project, which encompasses the USC Young Scientists Program (YSP) and the USC Wonderkids program. She is already sharing her PolarTREC program acceptance with the media. We are excited to start working with our new cohort for 2016-17!

PolarTREC Alumni Hosts Polar Day at School

Events at PolarDay

PolarTREC alumni teacher John Wood organized a Polar Day at his school and it was a great success. This event is part of his ongoing commitment to sharing polar science with his students, many years after his expedition! Here is John's synopsis of the events, with some photos and an image from the newspaper.

Membership to ARCUS


NEW! ARCUS has new membership categories including individual membership! ARCUS members participate in a leading community promoting discovery and understanding of the Arctic. Our members are the core of our network, and their support enables us to continue providing quality programs and outreach. Come join us today and make a difference!

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What are you doing while you are in Alaska? When I introduced the idea of PolarTREC, orientation...

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status: 1 Great questions Sebastian Molina! I did a bit of research and these microscopic bugs - or microbes - are very interesting. Here's what I found out... "A microbe is any living...
status: 1 What a great question! Have you ever taken your own temperature? If so, the thermometer likely read around 98.6 degrees (unless, of course, you had a fever). A seals internal body...
status: 1 Great questions Rushil! The Weddell seal population is doing well. There are about 800,000 Weddell seals surrounding Antarctica but only about 2,000 in our research area. Of those 2,000...

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Description Students will use a model to explore the relationships between sunlight and release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from thawing Arctic watersheds. After studying the carbon cycle, students are asked to reflect on how natural phenomena – thawing of permafrost, interactions of soil microbes on...