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First PolarTREC teacher of the year in Greeland!

Kelly at WKOK for interview.

Get ready, get set, go!
Kelly McCarthy is in Greenland working with the NASA Operation IceBridge team. You can read her journals, view photos, post comments or questions, and join in live communications from the field!

Alumni Publishes Article

Michael Wing in Finland.

Seven years after his expedition to Finland, PolarTREC teacher Michael Wing is now published! Michael Wing is first author on a journal article in California Archeology. After he came back from his expedition in Finland, he "became very interested in a possibly prehistoric line of stones at the Point Reyes National Seashore." Congratulations to Michael Wing and the other authors!

Michael R. Wing, Kate Iida & Emily Wearing (2015) Stone-by-Stone Metrics Shed New Light on a Unique Stone Alignment at the Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County, Alta California, California Archaeology, 7:2, 245-264

Witness the Arctic Article Published

PolarTREC Success Article

PolarTREC program staff and evaluators co-wrote a short article on the new cohort as well as reference to the most recent evaluation data on the program's successes.

Membership to ARCUS


NEW! ARCUS has new membership categories including individual membership! ARCUS members participate in a leading community promoting discovery and understanding of the Arctic. Our members are the core of our network, and their support enables us to continue providing quality programs and outreach. Come join us today and make a difference!

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Kelly McCarthy and C-130 Hercules
Station Nord It looks like we have a few days until Miss Piggy gets back to us and we can get on...

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Thank you for that great, succinct description of LiDAR!
What an adventure - and how cool are the adventurers you met?! We are interested in learning more about the mountain climbing... How many of you climbed? Was it hard to climb? Was it slippery? The...
My students would like to know how deep Baffin Bay is where you were watching the sunset.

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23 March 2016
ARLnow publishes a press release of Kate's South Pole expedition.