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Root tips
After 3.5 days of sorting through above ground and below ground samples, the team starts to make...

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Hi Cara- Great. , too, just sent them a program idea for this. Will 'act as your landlubbing eyes & ears' on this matter to the extent you may want it. Just let me know.
Hi J’Khayla, I wouldn’t say that there is a certain way to pull them, although you do have to be very careful! We use very sharp tweezers and go very slowly, trying to gently tug the root out from...
Why is ethanol use to clean surfaces instead of regular cleaning products? Is it because cleaning products have chemicals that can alter the results of experiments or is it more effective than...

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30 August 2016
Press release from the University of Rhode Island highlighting the work of Dr. Bethany Jenkins and the Southern Ocean Diatom expedition.