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Clothes Folded and Ready to be Packed
Packing is a hard job. It seems easy, but it never is. Make a list of what you need for the trip,...

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Looks good to me, but I've never been to Greenland! I know I get tired of synthetics all the time, so even though cotton is a big nono, I would probably bring my favorite flannel shirt or something...
Great interview!! You did awesome. Can wait to hear about all of your adventures in Greenland and all the amazing new things you will be doing and experiencing. You are doing a great job!! Keep us...
Thanks for showing us all your clothes ready for piling in your suitcase. I love your heavy socks and comfy slippers. Don't forget your jammies! Have you borrowed the camera from your friend for the...

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1 December 2016
Local newspaper reprint of journal entries from teacher Tim Dwyer's expedition to Antarctica in 2016.