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daylight hours
Early Monday morning saw the last sunset of 2016, at 1:26 am, followed shortly by the last sunrise...

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What are the flight conditions inside the DC-8 aircraft. How long are you airborne for each flight.
Do Crabeater Seals have a specific diet to crabs, hence the name, or do they have another primary animal for their diet, not related to the crab family
Hello, does the ice crystallize or form differently due to the salt in the water or the microorganisms it contains?

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January 20, 2014: Selfie photograph at the South Pole, with the Antarctic plateau in the background.
(This is a book authored by Armando Caussade.) A Puerto Rican in the South Pole ISBN–13: 978–0-9971755–3–0 After a competitive review process the author was selected as a participant for the 2014–2015 Antarctic field season of PolarTREC, a professional development program geared to teachers and...